Our Mission

  • To provide electrical products and services in the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective way while maintaining a viable business
  • To exceed our customers expectations with the quality of our service and the integrity of our business practices
  • To contribute positively to the environment and the communities in which we live, work and play.

"There is a shifting focus towards clean energy in Alberta and it has never been easier for homeowners to upgrade to solar."

Wayne Harvey, owner and operator

Our Story

Lean & Green Electrical Ltd. is a family owned and operated company, established in 2016. Wayne Harvey, the business's owner/operator began his second career in the trades in 2008 after thirteen years and three overseas tours with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Wayne is a Journeyman Master Electrician and holds Solar Installers accreditation through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). In 2017, Wayne initiated his own 36-panel solar energy system project at his home and has been featured in Edmonton's annual Eco-Solar Home Tour.

Installing the inverter

A critical component to the photovoltaic system is the inverter, shown here, housed in Wayne's attached garage. The inverter acts to convert direct current (DC) generated by the solar modules to alternating current (AC) to be used in the home. 

Preparing for the work day

Wayne's young son looks on while his dad ensures his fall arrest gear is secure.

36-panels across four levels

The multi-level roof on the  house posed unique challenges that required some ingenuity during the 2017 installation. Shade on the south-facing side was taken into consideration in the development of the system. 

Eco-Solar Home Tour

In June of 2018, Lean & Green's Highlands Solar Home was featured in the 19th Annual Eco-Solar Home Tour. 

North-facing modules challenge traditional thinking

Of particular interest to this group was the 12-module, north-facing component of the solar array which has proven to be an effective solution to shading from the south.

Join us June 2, 2019!

If you missed the Eco-Solar Home Tour last year, not to worry! Lean & Green will be showcasing the Highlands Solar Home for its second year on the tour. Drop by anytime between 12pm and 4pm on Sunday, June 2, 2019.